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Our Share the Table program is dedicated to filling the hearts and stomachs of the underprivileged children in Orange County while encouraging family values and camaraderie amongst the table. We are currently serving warm pasta dinner to over 1,000 children, five nights a week, every week of the year at 15 different locations throughout 5 different Orange County cities.


Caterina's Club started serving 60 children a night at the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim in 2005; today we are proud to announce that we have served over 750,000 warm nutritional dinners to children who otherwise would have gone to bed hungry.


Our Welcome Home program has assisted over 350 individuals residing in motels in moving out of the dark environment of a motel and into the security and longevity of an apartment or condo. That is over 59 families to date.

To provide food, support and shelter
to the homeless motel children.

  • How Did Caterina’s Club BeginREAD MORE

    Chef Bruno Serato, owner of the historic, award-winning Anaheim White House Restaurant, has always been known for his generous philanthropy. In 2003, when Bruno was a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim, he held a luncheon in honor of his mother, Caterina. A group of 75 women attended in order to support the youth services offered at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim.

    On April 18, 2005 Bruno took Caterina to visit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim. Caterina noticed a young boy eating a bag of chips and discovered that would probably be his only dinner for the evening. Caterina asked Bruno to prepare a nice pasta meal for the child, and that night they fed 75 children who would have otherwise gone hungry. Bruno and Caterina’s passion for the children grew into an organization that they decided to call Caterina’s Club.

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    Caterina’s Club serves 1,000 low-income children a nutritionally balanced meal of pasta and vegetables 7 nights a week. That means every night of the week for the past 8 years, 1,000 children who otherwise would have gone hungry have been able to fill their stomachs with a nice warm meal. More than 750,000 meals have been served to date. We also assist families in moving out of the unsafe environment of the motels and into more stable and permanent housing. We have helped 59 families move out of the motels to date, with plans for even more in the future. Click here to meet some of Caterina’s Kids!

  • What is Next for Caterina’s Club​​READ MORE

    We are very proud to announce that Caterina's Club is an official Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization! Our goal is to expand even further so that the amount of children we can provide with food, support, and shelter will continue to increase. We appreciate any way that you can support Caterina's Club.



887 South Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, California 92805
Caterina’s Club is a 501(c)(3)
IRS Tax ID 30-0751934

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Save the date for our September 10th fundraising event at Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Newport Beach. Details to follow.

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